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    The stray

    Every morning on her walk to work, Laura would come across a cat that was so clean that she always thought it must have an owner. Sometimes she would get close to try and pet it, but the look the cat gave her made her know she was not welcome. So it became her quest to befriend the cat. She would bring little bags of treats for the cat and sure enough, the cat became very friendly and started to warm up to her. After a few weeks of constant treats, the cat finally allowed Laura to pet him. Laura really started to look forward to her walk to work.…

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    Kitengela Hot Glass

    I have always wanted to visit Kitengela Hot glass and I finally got to do it over the weekend (09/02/2019). I actually really just wanted to see the bridge but when I got there I realized there was more to see than just the bridge. The place is really artistic and scenic. Here are a few photos; (I am not sharing all of them so y’all can go see for yourself)                   How to get to Kitengela Glass; Through Public Transport from Nairobi CBD Get a matatu from Railways bus stop that’s going to Ongata Rongai , I took number 125/126. Alight…

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    Ryan Melomane Releases New Single “LATOYA”

    ‘Out of my lowest moments came something so beautiful.’ -Ryan Melomane   Ryan Melomane has been spending most of his time in the studio, and finally today (Friday 19th October 2018) we get a taste of his new single song Latoya. Here is what Ryan Melomane says about his new song; “Latoya is a fingerstyle song from my upcoming album. There was once a time in the past when I was depressed and so I sat with my guitar to try to help me get distracted from my worries”, Ryan says. “I played through all my arrangements for a while, adds Ryan, but still didn’t feel psyched. I was sad…

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    Gifted Kenyan Guitarists You Should Know About – Ryan Melomane

    So last weekend I met this great fingerstyle guitarist, and I got to know a little more about him. His name is Ryan Melomane.   Ryan Melomane is a fingerstyle guitarist from Kenya. In case you are wondering about his name, well it has a meaning. Ryan is his birth name while Melomane is a self-assigned name which means a music lover in French. Ryan Melomane, a lover of music, used to play piano but accessing the instrument was quite hard since he did not have his own. This made him want a more portable instrument and that is how he chose the guitar. He not only plays the guitar…

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    MURANG’A – The Beautiful County

    So I haven’t been going anywhere because I have been broke. Can’t even feed myself to save my life lol! I have just been lazing around Nairobi and watching the good sites from a far (y’alls Instagram). Ooh and by Nairobi I mean Dagoretti (my friends say it’s not in Nairobi), the only good thing I can see here is the mud, lots of it! Anyway, let me not write about the mud in Dagoretti because if I do I will get mad since I will remember of how I have been coming to Nairobi CBD and everyone looks at me like I am a moving museum. Y’all ain’t ever…

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    Making use of these oats – Pancake Oats

    On Saturday I was just home doing nothing and ended up finding myself googling everything that came up to my mind. I had thought throughout the week of how I should start eating healthy and all. I always think like that every new year and then, when the year gets old I always stop thinking about a healthy life and eat whatever I see. so last year in January (2017), I had done some shopping of healthy things. I had a list of things I had collected from different health blogs and I actually bought everything on the list. One of the things I bought was oats. Well, to be…

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    Ever had a crowded mind where you had so many issues stressing you out that you couldn’t think straight? Well, I definitely know that feeling. I have been at that point where many things in my life are stressing me and I don’t have the time to deal with each and every one of them. This feeling made me feel stressed and unable to make decisions or think about anything! I thank God that I was able to find something that made my mind less overwhelmed: writing! You see, when you sit down to catch a breath, you slow down your pulse that’s if you’ve been walking or running. The…

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    When my world stopped

        It stopped! for a minute, or so I thought. I did not feel it at the moment, for it just happened, like lightning. everyone else could see that I was stuck. stuck for a moment or so it thought. But everyone knew, knew that I wasn’t just stuck for a moment, I was stuck in a world that would be stuck, if not for a decade, then forever.     but I did try to untangle me from this world. my own world! a world so dark I had created that I couldn’t even see myself for a moment. but they all watched, as I tried to free myself. struggling,…

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    Fear of the unknown

    everybody is running away from everybody everyone is afraid afraid of anyone anything afraid of what will happen and no one is saying what will happen just imaginations imaginations filled with past experiences filled with feelings feelings left by past experiences words are being thrown allover flying like birds and hitting the wrong walls the wrong people leaving the wrong impression scaring away a few hope is what everyone is left with hoping everything will be okay that nothing will go wrong hope replacing fear slowly…. ………………………….

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    Ed Sheeran Divide Album Critic Review

      This was a comment on my post (Ed Sheeran Divide  Album Review) by an Ed Sheeran “Fan”.   “I remember you called, I imagine, immediately after you listened to his latest album. Were you serenading from the mellow tunes, was your soul soothed or was your mind knotted up, boggled and baffled, feeling like you’d been split up, “÷”. I’m afraid, I came to the party rather late and felt left out, which is neither bad nor good. What is peculiar, though, is that I find Divide bad. Bear with me. I wouldn’t want to drag your favourite singer/songwriter’s name through the dirt, especially over his latest aplomb- Number…