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    The stray

    Every morning on her walk to work, Laura would come across a cat that was so clean that she always thought it must have an owner. Sometimes she would get close to try and pet it, but the look the cat gave her made her know she was not welcome. So it became her quest to befriend the cat. She would bring little bags of treats for the cat and sure enough, the cat became very friendly and started to warm up to her. After a few weeks of constant treats, the cat finally allowed Laura to pet him. Laura really started to look forward to her walk to work.…

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    Ever had a crowded mind where you had so many issues stressing you out that you couldn’t think straight? Well, I definitely know that feeling. I have been at that point where many things in my life are stressing me and I don’t have the time to deal with each and every one of them. This feeling made me feel stressed and unable to make decisions or think about anything! I thank God that I was able to find something that made my mind less overwhelmed: writing! You see, when you sit down to catch a breath, you slow down your pulse that’s if you’ve been walking or running. The…

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    Life Of The Party Girl

      Suppress conceal to impress don’t be your true self if only you’d laugh less and eat more fast just be like everyone Date go out and rave light up that mary jane escape reality for a little while try to be wild one time But wait, For who? “when you get lost,i’ll get lost with you” what about when i come to myself where will you be then “on a different escapade” what about………. “you worry too much” I bear the burden alone I thought WE are a team   But I found myself on my own Headaches Reality checks Time lapses What have i done?