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    Ryan Melomane Releases New Single “LATOYA”

    ‘Out of my lowest moments came something so beautiful.’ -Ryan Melomane   Ryan Melomane has been spending most of his time in the studio, and finally today (Friday 19th October 2018) we get a taste of his new single song Latoya. Here is what Ryan Melomane says about his new song; “Latoya is a fingerstyle song from my upcoming album. There was once a time in the past when I was depressed and so I sat with my guitar to try to help me get distracted from my worries”, Ryan says. “I played through all my arrangements for a while, adds Ryan, but still didn’t feel psyched. I was sad…

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    Ed Sheeran Divide Album Critic Review

      This was a comment on my post (Ed Sheeran Divide  Album Review) by an Ed Sheeran “Fan”.   “I remember you called, I imagine, immediately after you listened to his latest album. Were you serenading from the mellow tunes, was your soul soothed or was your mind knotted up, boggled and baffled, feeling like you’d been split up, “÷”. I’m afraid, I came to the party rather late and felt left out, which is neither bad nor good. What is peculiar, though, is that I find Divide bad. Bear with me. I wouldn’t want to drag your favourite singer/songwriter’s name through the dirt, especially over his latest aplomb- Number…

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    ÷ Ed Sheeran Album Review

    Over the last week, my life has really changed for better thanks to the new album – Divide – that Ed Sheeran has blessed us with.  It’s the best thing so far in 2017 that has happened  (go on and judge me but it really has changed my life) I have been listening to the album on repeat since it was released, I can’t just help myself. I remember when Ed Sheeran said there were better songs in the album than Castle on the hill and Shape of you and I was just there thinking to myself “oh please Ed, you haven’t even listened to the album yourself”, but it…

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    Cover Song : Hymn for the weekend by James Bay

    First of all, you just need to know I so love James Bay. His music is so rich on instrumentals that at times I wish I was part of his guitarists squad. I also love Coldplay and the fact that a musician I love has done a cover on a song I love and from a band I love is so awesome I cannot even describe my joy. The intro on the cover is so good, I love how the guitars  and other instruments in the background augment to create this bewitchingly breathtaking  sound . I prefer the covers intro to that of the original song, maybe because I am into…