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Ever had a crowded mind where you had so many issues stressing you out that you couldn’t think straight?

Well, I definitely know that feeling. I have been at that point where many things in my life are stressing me and I don’t have the time to deal with each and every one of them. This feeling made me feel stressed and unable to make decisions or think about anything! I thank God that I was able to find something that made my mind less overwhelmed: writing!

You see, when you sit down to catch a breath, you slow down your pulse that’s if you’ve been walking or running. The same thing happens to your thoughts when you sit down and write, they slow down. So you are able to deal with your stressing issues while prioritizing them because the most pressing thought will be the first to think and write about. You will be able to feel less anxious and you will feel calmer and less stressed. Not only is writing easy and cheap, but it’s also pretty reliable because all you need is a book and a pen. It’s also useful in helping you express yourself clearly. You will actually find the words to explain and describe how you feel. It gives you clarity on your emotions so you get to understand yourself better.

Another little tip similar to this one is tossing a coin. Before you start questioning it, just think about that indecisive moment you had when you didn’t know whether to buy crisps or chocolates. Well, if you toss a coin and say heads for crisps and tails for chocolates, you’ll know exactly what you want when the coin is in the air and you’ll realize you’re hoping it lands on tails. So there! You made a choice because now you know what you really want, no matter what the coin lands on, you are getting yourself some chocolate! Yum! You are welcome. In case you didn’t have a coin or you didn’t know how to toss a coin a coin (makes two of us), just imagine yourself tossing a coin in your head, you’ll end up being more decisive. Thank me later.

Another perfect thing for the mind and soul you can do is to pray. Let’s face it, only God knows you even better than you know yourself, so just pray. Be honest and real in your prayer too because you can’t hide anything from God, he already knows everything. Just take your time and let your heart out. You’ll feel more at ease knowing that all your stressors are in the hands of a mighty God who cares too.

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