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    HER! I will never be

    I will never be her The girl that you want to listen to her voice each and every second of your life The one that you want to give your whole world to The one you want to give flowers to Not even the one you want to give a ring to in the future!   The one that appears in your dreams daily, The one that you can’t keep off your mind The one that your eyes want to look at the moment they are open I will never be her.   The perfect girl. That dresses so nicely you would think she was born with all her clothes…

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    ÷ Ed Sheeran Album Review

    Over the last week, my life has really changed for better thanks to the new album – Divide – that Ed Sheeran has blessed us with.  It’s the best thing so far in 2017 that has happened  (go on and judge me but it really has changed my life) I have been listening to the album on repeat since it was released, I can’t just help myself. I remember when Ed Sheeran said there were better songs in the album than Castle on the hill and Shape of you and I was just there thinking to myself “oh please Ed, you haven’t even listened to the album yourself”, but it…

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    What I Know For Sure – Oprah Winfrey

    I am not a fan of inspirational books or self-help or basically any book that tries to tell me how I should live. I just like fictional stories with or without happy endings. Since they don’t try too much to correct my way of living or give me rules on how to live MY LIFE. but recently while I was flipping over books at a bookstand, I came across Oprah Winfrey’s ‘What I know for sure’ I looked at it and thought to myself “Ummm we don’t like such books or anything written by people who have made it in life” but as I was returning it back to the…

  • Songs and Cover Songs Reviews

    Cover Song : Hymn for the weekend by James Bay

    First of all, you just need to know I so love James Bay. His music is so rich on instrumentals that at times I wish I was part of his guitarists squad. I also love Coldplay and the fact that a musician I love has done a cover on a song I love and from a band I love is so awesome I cannot even describe my joy. The intro on the cover is so good, I love how the guitars  and other instruments in the background augment to create this bewitchingly breathtaking  sound . I prefer the covers intro to that of the original song, maybe because I am into…

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    Gifted Kenyan Guitarist You Should Know About – AcouSlyk

    We are not normal humans, we are guitar players. Guitarists are a different breed of human. They love nothing more passionately than strumming those strings as if they were made of the most exquisite golden material. Once you pick a guitar, you automatically become cool especially if you know how to work around it nicely. Most guitarists have cool names depending on how good one is at playing. Guitarists are very creative people and this can be seen when they are playing ……this is even seen through the stage names they give themselves. The names go from magical fingers, golden fingers bla, bla, bla awesomeness and here we have our…

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    Mother,Daughter and Secrets

    You see, when I was young…..well I am still young….I used to think that my future children would be my bffs. They are but I always feel like they do not always tell me most of their stuff. Like recently I learnt that my 12 year old daughter has a boyfriend. Well obviously she didn’t tell me that. And you are wondering how I found that out? Well, since she never tells me anything, I decided to find out on my own on what was going on in her life. So I stole her diary and read it. I even had to take notes, you would think I was to…

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    Of life full of lemons

      I always say that if life gave me lemons I would sell them and make money. Lotsa money depending on how many bags of lemons I would get. And sometimes one can even get a thousand bags of lemons or so……you know you can’t go taking lemonade on your own with that. Well, unless if you are thirsty…or trying to lose weight or something. Anyway, isn’t life too short for you to waste time taking lemonades?   But for a Gikuyu like me, trust me I would sell all the lemons that life would throw at me, and maybe after they are over I would start asking life to…

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    Life Of The Party Girl

      Suppress conceal to impress don’t be your true self if only you’d laugh less and eat more fast just be like everyone Date go out and rave light up that mary jane escape reality for a little while try to be wild one time But wait, For who? “when you get lost,i’ll get lost with you” what about when i come to myself where will you be then “on a different escapade” what about………. “you worry too much” I bear the burden alone I thought WE are a team   But I found myself on my own Headaches Reality checks Time lapses What have i done?

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    Lazy Sundays are made of……

          Sometimes Sundays are boring, Sometimes it’s me, Sometimes it’s you. Sometimes Sundays are Lazy Sometimes it’s me, Sometimes it’s you, Sometimes it is ME or YOU or Sunday. ooh ……and sometimes, Sometimes my posts are boring, sometimes its me, or sometimes its you. most likely its YOU!