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a day with the Nairobi street kids

On 7th February 2015, my friends and I went to feed street kids. They had been communicated to, and were all told to come to central park at 2pm. So we arrived there and surprisingly they had been there for hours waiting for us. We had all brought with us bread and milk……before giving them the bread and milk; we played games with them, prayed and sang. We then grouped them in groups of ten because they were so many (around 150), the reason for this was to bond with the kids and listen to their stories of how they ended up in the streets. Some of the stories were sad to listen to. Some kids had run away from their homes and others had joined the street life out of peer pressure. Most of them said they would really want to go back to their homes, others did not want to go back home because they felt like the street life is better than home. Some want to go to school so much because they know education is important.

I noticed that it’s only the boys that had showed up, so I asked them why the girls had not showed up. And the reasons I got was that the girls are afraid of ‘good people’ because they do bad things to them. And yes, they do call us good people…….and that’s sad; the reason for this is because society has labeled all the street kids as the bad people. I kept on wishing the street girls had showed up, but I was told it’s even hard to see them.

So in the groups that we sat, I talked to round 5 boys….and here are their short stories……

20150207_145227This little boy is Edu……he came to the streets last year November….that is 2014. I noticed him because he was one of the youngest among all the kids that had showed up. He was singing those kindergarten songs that kids sing and he was also so proud when he was saying the Lord ’s Prayer. So when I asked him why he was in the streets, he gave me a very childish story………which was so hard to believe. He said that his mother had gone to work to Saudi Arabia and he was left with his grandmother, and he loved his mother so much that he’d rather stay in the streets than stay with someone else if not his mum. He said he misses school and would want to go back. I noticed that the old boys were against him staying in the streets and they also told me that they didn’t want him to use any of the drugs that they always use, because they know its harmful to him.

kevin....the one in yellow
kevin….the one in yellow

This kid is Kevin. He was so rough and even said he loves staying in the streets and the last thing he would want was to stay in a home. He said that he hated schools too. He said loves staying in the streets because at home his mother used to beat him up so badly. He said that the reason he ran away from home and came to the streets was because his mum used a hot panga and burned his buttocks. We asked if we could see the scar but he said he cannot take off his pants for us……the other street kids said that this was a lie that he tells people because no one has ever seen his scar!

20150207_152532This one was kevo or Kevin too….he seemed very rough at first….actually he was rough, the way he played around with others was scary. I was even afraid to ask him anything, and when I did, he refused to tell me anything…..then later when we gave them their bread and milk. He told me that he used to stay with his mum at some place called Sinai. He told me Sinai was a slum and one day the whole slum burned and nothing remained. So his mum put him in a children’s home because she couldn’t take care of him anymore. While at the children’s home, he would go to school and he was even better off there. But one day when he and the other kids came back from school they found that the home had been demolished so they ended up in the streets. He told me he would be in class7 this year, and he would really want to go back to school someday. He still carries his school bag everywhere he goes.

20150207_151843This kid to be sincere, I can’t remember his name. But he had a very interesting story. He came to the streets because of peer pressure. He told me that he is from Kisumu and he was even in a private school there. He told me his mother is well off….well at least she can afford a private school and that his other siblings are in high school…and he is the only one in the streets. He said that when he was in kisumu, his friends told him that they were going to Nairobi because they had heard that life there was so awesome, but he didn’t manage to travel with them because he dint have any money with him.  When his friends returned from Nairobi, they kept on telling him how they had fun there. So they told him to get money and travel with them in the next trip. So he stole 1000bob from his mother and used it to travel to Nairobi. But when he was in the bus to Nairobi, he kept on feeling like he had done something bad. He even wanted to get off the bus and go back home but his friends insisted that he should stay. He told me that when he got to Nairobi he realized that life was too hard for him and he went back to kisumu. His family was so happy to see him….but a few days later, his friends came for him and he has never gone back home. He hates the street life and misses school and his family.

20150207_150748This kid, they call him ‘chali msichana’….hehe because he looks like a girl, has soft hair and he puts on skinny jeans. They just think he looks like a girl. He dint want to tell me anything after he heard me say that I know loiktoktok, the place he comes from. He is just afraid of going back to his home. Everything he told me, I was told by the other kids that it was lie ….he told me he was from the luo tribe and he had run away from kisumu. But the other kids told me that he was a maasai and he had come from loiktoktok. He had come with two other boys, who were his friends.

when the time came for us to go home,they all dressed up in clean clothes because if they showed up in the CBD with dirty clothes they would be caught by the city council police and be taken back home…….that’s their greatest fear….well,that’s what they said. plus some of us had brought clothes for them and they were excited to put on something new.

Anyway, I pray that these kids get a better life than the one they have…..because most of them have talents but they have no one to advice them or help  nurture them. I pray that they get a chance to get the education that they want so much and shelter.

let brotherly love continue. Hebrews 13:1

and do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased. Hebrews 13:16


I scribble and post it for the world to see!

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