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dear Jay,Is love for the birds?

My friends used to tell me that love was for the birds…

they still tell me so and I don’t even know whether I do believe them or not…..
I don’t even know what to believe when it comes to love
Is love for the birds or not?
But I kinda found out that love is for the birds…like for real!!
So I decided that I was a bird too
When a nice guy, Jay.

told me that he loved me….
and I did believe it…
I mean when you are a bird
and love finds you….
You can’t say no …or can you?
I wanted to feel how the birds felt…..
How it felt to be a bird….
A bird with love and in love
And it sure did feel good
I was not only a bird but an eagle
I soared higher than the eagle I think
Love lifted me
That love that they say can move mountains
Mine moved the whole world
It made my world go round
Not even a mountain could stop it
Not even a mountain could stop us
We were two eagles
Moving mountains
But one day
When our love was revolving the world
When our love was moving mountains
When the stars and the moon
Seemed more brighter than the sun
Our love was attacked by a serpent
The serpent took away my Jay
The only jay that had showed me love
The jay that had made me believe that I was a bird
The jay that had made my love move mountains
The jay that had made my love revolve the world
My whole world crumbled
Oh no I crumbled first
Then came my world
I wish you would have seen
How the two birds crumbled on the ground
How the two eagles hit the ground
Harder than lightening
And the world that the two had moved
Did not even tremble
When they hit it
It did not even move an inch


The stars and the moon became darker than the night
Nights and days had no difference
Closing and opening my eyes was just the same
Everything was dark
I was dark
I was darkness
Oh how the serpent had spoiled my life I thought
Only to find out that
My jay
was not taken
he was not stolen
He had
Gone to the serpent by himself
begged the serpent to be with him
worst of it all
he told me this to my face
what was worse than that?
It was more painful than chewing a cactus
I think
the serpent, him and I
Three is a crowd, dear serpent!
But dear Jay
Did you have to teach me in such a painful way
That love is for the birds?

is love for the birds?





I scribble and post it for the world to see!

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