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Gifted Kenyan Guitarist You Should Know About – AcouSlyk

We are not normal humans, we are guitar players.

Guitarists are a different breed of human. They love nothing more passionately than strumming those strings as if they were made of the most exquisite golden material. Once you pick a guitar, you automatically become cool especially if you know how to work around it nicely.

Most guitarists have cool names depending on how good one is at playing. Guitarists are very creative people and this can be seen when they are playing ……this is even seen through the stage names they give themselves. The names go from magical fingers, golden fingers bla, bla, bla awesomeness and here we have our very own who goes by the name …………..drum rolls………………………. ACOUSLYK.

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Acouslyk is a finger style guitarist from Kenya. He is one of the finest finger picking guitarists around. Whether to a guitar player or music enthusiast, Acouslyk’s way of playing the music will make a lasting impression on anyone given the opportunity to listen.

Purely self-taught and having played for just a few years, AcouSlyk is one of the most promising budding Kenyan guitarists. He picked up the guitar a year after high school and fumbled his way through it, having no tutor or music theory knowledge whatsoever.

He now brings an audience to silence as they enjoy his warm melodies off the strings.

Playing and arranging his pieces mostly by ear, this is one guitarist to watch out for. He has played a couple of gigs around Nairobi.

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His style of playing is what guitarists call finger style. One guitarist on one stage giving you a wholesome sound of an entire band.

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In short, he describes his playing as, “I make my guitar sing”

check him out on twitter and instagram @acouSlyk

facebook : AcouSlyk

Also, check out his cover of Coldplay’s Viva la Vida below:


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