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MURANG’A – The Beautiful County

So I haven’t been going anywhere because I have been broke. Can’t even feed myself to save my life lol! I have just been lazing around Nairobi and watching the good sites from a far (y’alls Instagram). Ooh and by Nairobi I mean Dagoretti (my friends say it’s not in Nairobi), the only good thing I can see here is the mud, lots of it! Anyway, let me not write about the mud in Dagoretti because if I do I will get mad since I will remember of how I have been coming to Nairobi CBD and everyone looks at me like I am a moving museum. Y’all ain’t ever seen red mud or what???

So, last Saturday my family and I went to visit our Shosh (granma) in Murang’a and I realized that Murang’a is such a beautiful place. I don’t even know why I never saw its beauty when I was younger. Well, maybe I am growing old and starting to see things in a different way, lol!! Talk of wisdom.

Anyway, here are some two pics that I took while I was there (I was to take more but I had to save my phones charge for the selfies)

shoes for the terrain

View from the kitchen
the view in the morning when the sun rises
the banana tree at the river
tea leaves sprouting up again after they were pruned
view from the river in the evening
tea leaves
drinking the sweet water from the river
the river spring
drinking the water from the river
Doris the cute cow

me trying to fly coz of happiness

I scribble and post it for the world to see!

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  • Quest

    This is so cool. Muranga is beautiful I see and much cooler in early morning and evenings. That shot of you flying in happiness is spot on 👌

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