Random Musings

Of life full of lemons


I always say that if life gave me lemons I would sell them and make money. Lotsa money depending on how many bags of lemons I would get. And sometimes one can even get a thousand bags of lemons or so……you know you can’t go taking lemonade on your own with that. Well, unless if you are thirsty…or trying to lose weight or something. Anyway, isn’t life too short for you to waste time taking lemonades?


But for a Gikuyu like me, trust me I would sell all the lemons that life would throw at me, and maybe after they are over I would start asking life to throw more at me. Which wouldn’t happen anyway because most of the times life doesn’t give you what you really want but what you need.




Anyway, I know you’ve heard enough about the lemons…….no matter what challenges you go through in life, try to see something positive in it.

If life gave me lemons,I would sell them and make lotsa money

I scribble and post it for the world to see!

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