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valentine’s day special


February 14th, also known as Valentine’s Day is a day that lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards known as valentines.

So this year it happens that the day is on a Saturday which is actually a good thing since it’s gonna be a holiday for sure.  The day is all about expressing love, we should always express love everyday in our daily lives whether it’s to family or someone else. For most women, this day is a big deal, so whatever you have planned, just make it memorable. It doesn’t have to be a big thing that you do, but making her feel special is essential. This is also a good day for the ladies to treat their men in a special way. This day should be an example of how we should always treat each other every day

And since this day is a day to express our love, on February 14th 2015, we are going to visit a children’s home. This is to show love to the children there…and by ‘we’ I mean you and me…that they are loved. We all know the situation in a children’s home. These are kids abandoned, for one reason or the other, by their parents. The only people they have left to take care of them are the owners of these children’s home. So it’s important that we visit them and remind them that they are special and even though they will never grow up with their blood relatives, they can have family love from each other and from caring and philanthropic members of the public like us.

I usually prefer to view Valentine’s Day as a day to appreciate the ones who stand by me whenever I need them. Family members are usually the first I think of, coz they will take care of you without expecting a single thing in return. Sometimes, we give too much priority to our spouses on Valentine’s Day probably because we overlook the meaning of love. If only our romance crazed world would stop for a while and show such attention to family members as well as spouses on that special day of love. More so, if you really love someone, you would not wait an entire year to show them love on just one day, Valentine’s Day. You would treat them specially every single day you spend with them.

Children in children’s home should therefore know that they are each other’s family and that they have people out there devoted to making their lives better, one care at a time. All you have to do to help us show these kids that they are loved and cared for is join us on the 14th day of February 2015 on our visit to joy divine children’s home. Come with whatever you can get to donate for them to make your love a little tangible. Whatever you come with, remember it’s the thought that counts.

Let’s remember that showing affection and care to kids who mostly feel neglected would change their attitude towards life completely. It would encourage and motivate these kids to never give up on their dreams because they are just as important as anyone. So don’t miss out on doing a good deed for once in your life and join us as we remind these orphaned children that they matter.

everyone is invited to show some love!!
everyone is invited to show some love!!

For anyone wishing to join us on Valentine’s Day as we visit joy divine children’s home

Email me for more information raquelshiro26@gmail.com

Or  call 0704325790 / 0719113118


Fb: heart for the needy

here are a few photos of what happened the last time we showed some love


the kids and us......
the kids and us……
some selfie love......
some selfie love……
a bouncing castle for all.......
a bouncing castle for all…….

I scribble and post it for the world to see!


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