Random Musings

When my world stopped



It stopped!

for a minute,

or so I thought.

I did not feel it at the moment,

for it just happened, like lightning.

everyone else could see

that I was stuck.

stuck for a moment

or so it thought.

But everyone knew,

knew that I wasn’t just stuck for a moment,

I was stuck in a world that would be stuck,

if not for a decade, then forever.



but I did try

to untangle me from this world.

my own world!

a world so dark I had created

that I couldn’t even see myself for a moment.

but they all watched,

as I tried to free myself.

struggling, doing all I could.

and when I finally gained the courage,

I did try to get help.

but all I got was them laughing at me,

calling me stupid,

some asking why it was always me.

I cried!

I almost gave up,

and just when I was about to crush my own world,

end it once and for all,

it started moving, again!

and that’s when I realized,

that the only human being that was going to be there for me was ME!


I wasn’t going to let myself down again,

and now I knew no one had let me down,

for the only person that had been letting me down was ME!

for thinking someone else would step in and emancipate me

and my world had stopped

as I waited for that emancipator

a human being

just like me

to emancipate ME

deranged I had been,

When my world stopped!





I scribble and post it for the world to see!