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Cover Song : Hymn for the weekend by James Bay

First of all, you just need to know I so love James Bay. His music is so rich on instrumentals that at times I wish I was part of his guitarists squad. I also love Coldplay and the fact that a musician I love has done a cover on a song I love and from a band I love is so awesome I cannot even describe my joy.

The intro on the cover is so good, I love how the guitars  and other instruments in the background augment to create this bewitchingly breathtaking  sound . I prefer the covers intro to that of the original song, maybe because I am into acoustic music so much. I just love it!

James Bays vocals are quite impeccable and add up the spice to the cover song. His vocals which I could maybe describe as raspy, sound so strong and are impressive . He is not even struggling to hit any note and sounds so comfortable and relaxed. His tone is quite rich and makes the tune of the song to be very interesting. He completely takes the song and kinda makes it his own which is what is supposed to be done on good cover songs.

The cover song is very unique and the performance quality is high both vocally and instrumentally. It’s the kind of song that makes you play air guitar while listening to it and at the same time imagining its you singing.

I was actually planning to do a cover on the same song, but I do not think I need to embarrass my guitar for now.


Here is a youtube link to the cover song for those who haven’t watched it yet  http://




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