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÷ Ed Sheeran Album Review

Over the last week, my life has really changed for better thanks to the new album – Divide – that Ed Sheeran has blessed us with.  It’s the best thing so far in 2017 that has happened  (go on and judge me but it really has changed my life)

I have been listening to the album on repeat since it was released, I can’t just help myself.

I remember when Ed Sheeran said there were better songs in the album than Castle on the hill and Shape of you and I was just there thinking to myself “oh please Ed, you haven’t even listened to the album yourself”, but it was me who had not listened to it yet. When I finally got to, it was the best thing that I have ever listened to. All the songs in the album are actually too good for me to believe they are from one artist, I mean how can one brain be that creative? How can someone write songs that are so perfect?

Perfect lyrics, perfect vocals, perfect beats and instrumentals. There is nothing to hate about the whole album actually.

I do agree with Ed though, that there are better songs than shape of you and castle on the hill in that album.
I can’t help but notice the sadness in some of the songs . Which makes me think that they have been written by someone who is hurt. Someone who has gone through so much.

And Ed, as I listen I keep asking myself, what did we do to you to deserve such good music? Did we hurt you? Did we show you so much love? What did we do?

Who hurt you Ed?

I hope you didn’t go through anything you’ve written, I do realize that I have gone through some of those events myself. Even though I relate to most of the songs in the album just like a few people do relate to the songs, it feels sad to imagine someone like Ed might have gone through such things. To me, a musician or any artist of some sort is the last person I would want to see hurt. These are the people that entertain us and bring a smile if not laughter in our lives. Why would anyone want to hurt such an awesome person?

Ed Sheeran

Anyway, here is what I thought of the awesome album……..didn’t want this post to be too long so I just scribbled up tiny bits of words about each song.

• Eraser
Sometimes I skip this one and listen to the next song. Or I just skip to the chorus which I enjoy more.

• Castle on the hill
Released as one of the two singles in the Divide album, the pop love song has a quick tempo throughout and it gets you on your feet as soon as it starts.

• Dive
When listening to this, I like to imagine I am the one performing it. Because the vocals are too sweet, strong and perfect. The instruments too are classic

• Shape of you
The dancehall beats will get you dancing even if you don’t want to. The mixture of the instruments in the song bring out a good rhythm. Ed says he wrote the song and thought Rihanna would sing it better but later on he decided to keep it for himself. A cover by Riri would be awesome.

• Perfect
I love this one. The type of song I would want him to sing for me on my wedding day …..Or on that engagement day.
The beats are soothing and one can slow dance and catch emotions as the tempo rises slowly.

• Galway girl
Made me want to do a cover of the song the first time I listened to it and then I remembered I can’t rap at all. It’s an Irish song and now I am going to be a fan of Irish songs if they all sound this good.

• Happier
This one sounds like it was written by an ex who wishes they didn’t lose you. Wishes they could have you back even if they think you look happier now without them. I pity that kind of an ex though…….realizing that someone was good after you have lost them is one of the worst thing that could happen to someone.

• New man
This one sounds like it was written by an ex-boyfriend who knows he was too good for you and he is like trying to show you that you lost when you left him. And your new man aint nothing compared to him. By the look of things, your new man sounds more like a fuckboy.

• Hearts don’t break around here
A song with good lyrics. I would want to be in that place where hearts don’t break though. His vocals are so soothing and sweet in this song

• What do I know
I love this one, it’s a song that every musician and instrumentalist should know word by word…it’s like an anthem or something
I love the instruments in it too and the lyrics have a good message too.

We could change this whole world with a piano
Add a bass, some guitar, grab a beat and away we go

Love can change the world in a moment

• How would you feel
A slow tempo song. The kind of song you would want your lover to sing for you and you would be theirs forever.

• Supermarket flowers
This is one of the sad songs in the albums. It reminds you of all the special people you have lost. I have cried a few times while listening to it

• Barcelona
Song makes me think I have been to Barcelona.

• Bibia bi ye ye
A song that all the Africans can relate to. The African beats are perfect and you wouldn’t even think its Sheerans song anyway. He says he wrote it in Ghana and I am kinda jealous it wasn’t Kenya.

• Nancy Mulligan
Gets me dancing all over.
The instruments are also quite something unique.

• Save myself
I relate to this song like 100%. I even think I am the one who wrote it and Ed stole it, but we all know I am not that creative when it comes to words.

I gave all my oxygen to people that could breathe
I gave away my money and now we don’t even speak

I know how it feels when you are always there for people but when you need them you realize you are on your own.






A Lover of Ed Sheeran’s Work.

I scribble and post it for the world to see!

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  • Gor

    Sent this out as an email some time ago:
    “I remember you called, I imagine, immediately after you listened to his latest album. Were you serenading from the mellow tunes, was your soul soothed or was your mind knotted up, boggled and baffled, feeling like you’d been split up, “÷”.

    I’m afraid, I came to the party rather late and felt left out, which is neither bad nor good. What is peculiar, though, is that I find Divide bad. Bear with me.

    I wouldn’t want to drag your favourite singer/songwriter’s name through the dirt, especially over his latest aplomb- Number 1 in the UK’s Album Charts, record breaking- with 9 singles in the UK’s Top Ten Singles Charts, Youtube views in their millions as are the millions in profit generated. I have no right (left) to criticise Sheeran, but indulge me.

    From outside looking in, I am a fan, despite what I feel is hypocritical and vain from Ed. I discovered him in 2011’s +; despite my best reservations, learnt to grow fond of 2014’s x, and sadly will have to slash /. I recuse myself: I lack objectivity, my high horse no taller than a cat and worse still has been let! Be free midget horsey!

    We always wish that our favourite artists would never change, yet that’s the very thing that happens to them (not the “very thing that they ‘do'”). I have changed but diabolically hope that if I cared, about, in this case, Ed, he’d have changed with me. Rather, he’d have changed to this idyllic notion that would be the remedy for that philandering path he’s on in this specific segment of time. Huh! In this regard, I am as vain as my idol and the subject of my critic. How befitting? Of the kettle calling out the pot. (not weed)

    I listen to rap and hip hop- the ‘good’ kind whose lyrics you can actually hear, are sparingly lewd and don’t conglomerate women as exclusively wanton. Ed Sheeran can’t rap!

    Queue Eraser from this critically acclaimed ‘masterpiece’.

    Given, it his song, his art, his expression of self (and my bias towards him) I must excuse his lack of delivery and not call him out on how much he swallows the end syllables. (Which is what I’ve done). Instead, let’s delve into the content of his lyrics and unfairly probe them to unjustly tarnish his character.

    Ed’s a good, easy guy, at least that’s what his brand is marketed as. Yet the pretence of “money is the root of all evil and fame is hell”, I’m sorry sticks out like the black man somewhere in Serbia! The “lack of 9-5 without a uni degree” old and well worn out, especially once you’re that successful, famous and are the 7th richest musician under 30 in pound-sign Brexit. It is impossible to demarcate the man from the art in this case.

    It is ultimately a good song, because, I can not relate to what his life must be and I’m well aware of the things that can destroy a man like me (booze and women for musicians, yet… we’ll get into that). I would sink in Dive and admire the continuity of nostalgia from Photograph to Castle on the Hill as Perfect and She’s the Sweetest thing are classic Thinking Out Loud, and still feel weak and shallow ballads. Shape of You, samples TLC’s No Scrubs, which I have nothing against (the entire idea of samples and sampling) except I prefer TLC.

    His pretty Galway Girl, if I may proclaim myself is the typical isht an Englishman, a ginger at that, would stereotype an Irish lass as, in a folk song no less! It’s basically an ode to (Irish) booze brands, from Jamie(son) to Johnny (Walker), Van Morrison, but I think he should transcend all this, “Hi I’m Ed and I am a drunken mess” thing. Which is how he deals with seeing his ex walking arm in arm with someone else- he nurses a bottle in Happier. The very things he is ‘aware’ happens to a man like him in Eraser.

    New Man has him all “Meek Mill on Minaj” after their break up. It’s bitchy to talk of another bloke like that, just because he is plumbing what you currently are not.

    Your new man rents a house in the ‘burb
    And wears a man bag on his shoulder, but I call it a purse
    Every year, he goes to Málaga with all the fellas
    Drinks beer, but has a six pack, I’m kinda jealous
    He wears sunglasses indoors, in winter, at nighttime
    And every time a rap song comes on, he makes a gang sign
    Says “Chune, bwoydem light up the room!

    And now to the belle:

    But enough about him, girl, let’s talk about you
    You were the type of girl who sat beside the water readin’
    Eatin’ a packet of crisps, but you will never find you cheatin’
    Now you’re eatin’ kale, hittin’ the gym
    Keepin’ up with Kylie and Kim
    In the back of the club, kissin’ a boy that ain’t him

    It is not okay to lump an ex, whoever you are, as a hoe (Hope with the ‘p’ silent) just because they left your bum and moved on to whoever it is- even if the said ex and (her) new catch are Sukuma Wiki eating narcissits intent on Keeping up with the Kardashians.

    What does he know in What do I know? Literally. This is exactly the song that, to me, says of his innocent, poor, uncool me brand is really hypocritical of him. Paying attention to the trappings of his brand yet singing that love can change the world!? Bull!!

    I’m just a boy with a one-man show
    No university, no degree, but lord knows
    Everybody’s talking ’bout exponential growth
    And the stock market crashing and their portfolios
    While I’ll be sitting here with a song that I wrote
    Sing, love could change the world in a moment
    But what do I know?
    Love can change the world in a moment

    My rave against Ed is that that underdog bull is way past him, even if he himself clearly isn’t past it. He’s successful, in fact queue a Grammy; he’s making paper (also doesn’t like being asked about it), he’s simplistic and about the same things. I wish he ‘d embrace his new status and/or perhaps give me more than women are angels if you like them (or can only be beautiful) and demons if they don’t like you. He’s popular now and can’t rant about his art being unaffected- pure even. He can’t be an artist and celebrity at the same time. It’s either he does those weak rhymey ballads “We can change the world with a piano and guitar and love” or returns to being deep for my and your sake like this:

    I’m gonna pick up the pieces
    And build a Lego house
    If things go wrong we can knock it down
    My three words have two meanings
    There’s one thing on my mind
    It’s all for you

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