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Ryan Melomane Releases New Single “LATOYA”

‘Out of my lowest moments came something so beautiful.’ -Ryan Melomane


Ryan Melomane has been spending most of his time in the studio, and finally today (Friday 19th October 2018) we get a taste of his new single song Latoya.

Here is what Ryan Melomane says about his new song;

“Latoya is a fingerstyle song from my upcoming album. There was once a time in the past when I was depressed and so I sat with my guitar to try to help me get distracted from my worries”, Ryan says.

“I played through all my arrangements for a while, adds Ryan, but still didn’t feel psyched. I was sad really.  Then I decided to try to play some sad chords to relate to the situation I was in. Sad chords are normally minor chords. While playing around with an E minor chord, a certain tune started coming to me. I kept playing it over and over and for some reason, it made me smile.

“I added a few more chords to my E minor chord and played the same tune over a chord progression that suited it. It was magical. I felt as if I had given birth to something. As if I had created something beautiful and ought to be responsible for it”, he reflects.

“Normally, when jamming by myself, I’d tend to forget the melodies I had played or created. This felt different. I had to remember that melody in future. I loved it. So I played it over and over and over and that’s how Latoya was created. I was so excited about it I even forgot about what had made me depressed earlier. I kept playing it and noticed that it was a sad and sweet melody. A tune that would make you tear up and smile at the same time,” adds Ryan.

Ryan Melomane, goes on to say that he named the melody Latoya, a name he got from a twitter friend of his whose life story matches the creation of Latoya.

“Latoya is a strong and beautiful single mother of one kid who has been through a lot. Like me when I was at my lowest, she has also been at her lowest of moments; lower than I’ve ever been. She turned out to be a beautiful and strong person… maybe as beautiful as the melody that I had created. I loved her name. That’s why I called my melody Latoya,” adds Ryan.

Check out the song on the link below and don’t forget to leave a comment ;


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