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    Ever had a crowded mind where you had so many issues stressing you out that you couldn’t think straight? Well, I definitely know that feeling. I have been at that point where many things in my life are stressing me and I don’t have the time to deal with each and every one of them. This feeling made me feel stressed and unable to make decisions or think about anything! I thank God that I was able to find something that made my mind less overwhelmed: writing! You see, when you sit down to catch a breath, you slow down your pulse that’s if you’ve been walking or running. The…

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    Fear of the unknown

    everybody is running away from everybody everyone is afraid afraid of anyone anything afraid of what will happen and no one is saying what will happen just imaginations imaginations filled with past experiences filled with feelings feelings left by past experiences words are being thrown allover flying like birds and hitting the wrong walls the wrong people leaving the wrong impression scaring away a few hope is what everyone is left with hoping everything will be okay that nothing will go wrong hope replacing fear slowly…. ………………………….

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    Gifted Kenyan Guitarist You Should Know About – AcouSlyk

    We are not normal humans, we are guitar players. Guitarists are a different breed of human. They love nothing more passionately than strumming those strings as if they were made of the most exquisite golden material. Once you pick a guitar, you automatically become cool especially if you know how to work around it nicely. Most guitarists have cool names depending on how good one is at playing. Guitarists are very creative people and this can be seen when they are playing ……this is even seen through the stage names they give themselves. The names go from magical fingers, golden fingers bla, bla, bla awesomeness and here we have our…