• Random Musings

    Fear of the unknown

    everybody is running away from everybody everyone is afraid afraid of anyone anything afraid of what will happen and no one is saying what will happen just imaginations imaginations filled with past experiences filled with feelings feelings left by past experiences words are being thrown allover flying like birds and hitting the wrong walls the wrong people leaving the wrong impression scaring away a few hope is what everyone is left with hoping everything will be okay that nothing will go wrong hope replacing fear slowly…. ………………………….

  • My sounds,  Random Musings

    Lazy Sundays are made of……

          Sometimes Sundays are boring, Sometimes it’s me, Sometimes it’s you. Sometimes Sundays are Lazy Sometimes it’s me, Sometimes it’s you, Sometimes it is ME or YOU or Sunday. ooh ……and sometimes, Sometimes my posts are boring, sometimes its me, or sometimes its you. most likely its YOU!