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    When my world stopped

        It stopped! for a minute, or so I thought. I did not feel it at the moment, for it just happened, like lightning. everyone else could see that I was stuck. stuck for a moment or so it thought. But everyone knew, knew that I wasn’t just stuck for a moment, I was stuck in a world that would be stuck, if not for a decade, then forever.     but I did try to untangle me from this world. my own world! a world so dark I had created that I couldn’t even see myself for a moment. but they all watched, as I tried to free myself. struggling,…

  • Random Musings

    Of life full of lemons

      I always say that if life gave me lemons I would sell them and make money. Lotsa money depending on how many bags of lemons I would get. And sometimes one can even get a thousand bags of lemons or so……you know you can’t go taking lemonade on your own with that. Well, unless if you are thirsty…or trying to lose weight or something. Anyway, isn’t life too short for you to waste time taking lemonades?   But for a Gikuyu like me, trust me I would sell all the lemons that life would throw at me, and maybe after they are over I would start asking life to…

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    Life Of The Party Girl

      Suppress conceal to impress don’t be your true self if only you’d laugh less and eat more fast just be like everyone Date go out and rave light up that mary jane escape reality for a little while try to be wild one time But wait, For who? “when you get lost,i’ll get lost with you” what about when i come to myself where will you be then “on a different escapade” what about………. “you worry too much” I bear the burden alone I thought WE are a team   But I found myself on my own Headaches Reality checks Time lapses What have i done?

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    his boys!!

    Its the end of the week and all you wanna do is spoil your guy with that cool recipe you saw on the internet.You have spent the whole week looking for a new recipe to make him a nice meal during the weekend.So here is Friday and he picks you up after you have shopped for everything you need. within just 15minutes you are in his house,you make some nice cold juice and as you are both having it,trying to catch up,there is a knock on the door……oh its Jay,his other best friend. hmm-mm there is nothing wrong with a visitor right?….so you welcome him and serve him some juice…