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    The stray

    Every morning on her walk to work, Laura would come across a cat that was so clean that she always thought it must have an owner. Sometimes she would get close to try and pet it, but the look the cat gave her made her know she was not welcome. So it became her quest to befriend the cat. She would bring little bags of treats for the cat and sure enough, the cat became very friendly and started to warm up to her. After a few weeks of constant treats, the cat finally allowed Laura to pet him. Laura really started to look forward to her walk to work.…

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    MURANG’A – The Beautiful County

    So I haven’t been going anywhere because I have been broke. Can’t even feed myself to save my life lol! I have just been lazing around Nairobi and watching the good sites from a far (y’alls Instagram). Ooh and by Nairobi I mean Dagoretti (my friends say it’s not in Nairobi), the only good thing I can see here is the mud, lots of it! Anyway, let me not write about the mud in Dagoretti because if I do I will get mad since I will remember of how I have been coming to Nairobi CBD and everyone looks at me like I am a moving museum. Y’all ain’t ever…

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    HER! I will never be

    I will never be her The girl that you want to listen to her voice each and every second of your life The one that you want to give your whole world to The one you want to give flowers to Not even the one you want to give a ring to in the future!   The one that appears in your dreams daily, The one that you can’t keep off your mind The one that your eyes want to look at the moment they are open I will never be her.   The perfect girl. That dresses so nicely you would think she was born with all her clothes…

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    Mother,Daughter and Secrets

    You see, when I was young…..well I am still young….I used to think that my future children would be my bffs. They are but I always feel like they do not always tell me most of their stuff. Like recently I learnt that my 12 year old daughter has a boyfriend. Well obviously she didn’t tell me that. And you are wondering how I found that out? Well, since she never tells me anything, I decided to find out on my own on what was going on in her life. So I stole her diary and read it. I even had to take notes, you would think I was to…

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    his boys!!

    Its the end of the week and all you wanna do is spoil your guy with that cool recipe you saw on the internet.You have spent the whole week looking for a new recipe to make him a nice meal during the weekend.So here is Friday and he picks you up after you have shopped for everything you need. within just 15minutes you are in his house,you make some nice cold juice and as you are both having it,trying to catch up,there is a knock on the door……oh its Jay,his other best friend. hmm-mm there is nothing wrong with a visitor right?….so you welcome him and serve him some juice…

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    for the love of this magical strings

    for the love of music i will strum my fingers will bleed in pain they will only bleed for now but i wont feel the pain for the pain aint louder than the sweet sound the sweet magical sound from this strings oh this magical strings how you amaze me how happy you make mealways learning more about you  everytime i pick you up for the love of music oh this magical strings