his boys!!

Its the end of the week and all you wanna do is spoil your guy with that cool recipe you saw on the internet.You have spent the whole week looking for a new recipe to make him a nice meal during the weekend.So here is Friday and he picks you up after you have shopped for everything you need.

within just 15minutes you are in his house,you make some nice cold juice and as you are both having it,trying to catch up,there is a knock on the door……oh its Jay,his other best friend. hmm-mm there is nothing wrong with a visitor right?….so you welcome him and serve him some juice as he and your guy start  talking about football and other things ‘man talk’.

Before you even sit down,another knock,this time you don’t even get to open it up since its John his ‘other best friend’…..and ooh there is nothing wrong with two visitors…you can manage that,right?. ‘The visitors’ start coming in now without even knocking,and within just 30 minutes you have like 15 men in the house, his ‘other best friends’. This time you don’t even need to serve them juice since they seem to know the kitchen more than you do,like you wont even know where that whiskey bottle will magically appear from,and you are so sure your guy hasn’t had any alcohol for the last like 5 months….Image

They watch the 7pm news noisily  and as you think they will leave after the news,they start playing FIFA and you watch them as each of them waits for their turn to play.You just stay there wondering why they cant stick at their place and play from there,and half of them are even ‘married’….’shouldn’t they be with their wife?’.

Its now around 11pm and they still don’t look exhausted from the shouting, laughing and playing,and you think they are about to go,so you start preparing that special meal you wanted to make him.Two of them get calls from their wives and they leave,this gives you hope of the others leaving soon.you make the meal and when its ready you eat a little bit, since you are hungry and exhausted.and you still don’t want to accept that the weekend hasn’t turned out as you planned it to be.

The ‘boys’ start leaving one by one just like they arrived.so when you go to check on your guy,you find him sleeping on the couch,holding that whiskey bottle and you are so sure he was holding it for his friend since he doesn’t want to drink any alcohol when you are around.Image you wake him up and he goes straight to bed without even saying a word….and that’s how your special dish gets wasted since it cannot eat itself….you follow him to sleep hoping he will eat that special dish in the morning.

you obviously go to sleep cursing on ‘the boys’ for ruining your special day with your guy,but anyway you are used to that,since the boys will be there till the end!!



I scribble and post it for the world to see!


  • luthercrop

    hahahah poor ladies…………….but then again i blame ladies more for such things….coz i dont know why you never want to speak out….if i am doing something that is not making you happy,you as me girl should say it loud and clear… make yo thoughts known even if it means the man will want out on the relationship so be it…but dont sacrifice yo happiness coz of others….they wont do the same!!

      • luthercrop

        am assuming this is something like a habit…the first time yes but 3 times down the tell yo man you need time with him ALONE….akisemaa sijui oohhh walk away let him come look for you…coz hio nikukubeba kimalamala

  • bush_cow

    Well I blame the girls for coping with this kinda bulshit! This is nothing short of a clear message being sent to the girl that the guy wants you gone! He doesn’t care one bit about you…that is why he goes to bed without saying a word to you…hoping you will leave after humiliating you by asking his buddies to show up and spoil the evening. The guy was hoping you’d leave before the other guys left…

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