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Crin Music Mentorship is an organization that offers music opportunities to all the people that are interested in music.
Crin Music Mentorship is now offering music mentorship programs for children aged between 6 years old to 17 years old. The mentorship programme starts from 11th August to 16th August., from 8am to 4pm.This will be their fifth music camp, the attendance on average sees more than 40 kids per camp.
The camp takes place in a good and healthy environment. There are enough instruments and learning materials, food is also served to the children.
most of the music teachers at crin mentorship school are volunteers
The children are given a chance to learn on any two music instruments they want to, that is instruments like the guitar, piano, sax, drum, trumpet, violin and music theory including vocals.kk
Some of the kids that have been mentored by the Crin music mentorship school have participated in different music festivals like the Kenya national music festivals, playing instruments in different categories and all have emerged as first place winners.
A good example is Ian Mwasia a 12 year old who was interviewed on k24 as being the best kid guitarist, Tim,on the picture below was on Churchill live two weeks ago.

from left to right, Ian, Nixon, Tephila and Emmanuel
from left to right, Ian, Nixon, Tephila and Emmanuel


Would you like to be part of the mentorship programme you can bring kids to be mentored and you can also be a mentor….. you can mentor the kids on instruments that you are good at…….its all about giving back to the society….
No education is complete without music…volunteer, mentor or tutor any of the children at the Crin Music Mentorship camp.


k2                             k3

the camp will be held at Savanah school Embakasi…..

call 0712437291 for any enquiries

or visit their facebook page Crin Music Mentorship

and twitter @Crinemusic

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